1. What did Stag Arms do in 2013?

    stag-armsHere is a look back at 2013:
    • Team Stag Arms fought extremely hard on the state and national level for 2nd amendment rights including TV interviews, talking to reporters, press releases, closing the factory for a day to go to the state capitol, and more.
    • Worked with dealers in states where bans were going into effect to ship them as many rifles and lowers as possible before the cutoff dates so that every customer who wanted an AR-15 could have one before it was too late.

    • Single point sling attachment end plates are now included on all rifles with an adjustable buttstock at no additional cost.

    • Implemented a brand new
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  2. Cleaning Your AR-15: Bore Snake or Cleaning Rod?

    ar15 cleaning kitIf you are a responsible firearm owner, you understand that proper care and maintenance of your firearms is essential if you want to maintain them at peak accuracy and functionality throughout their lifetime.

    Cleaning the firearm after use is one of the most important parts of maintenance, particularly if you own larger or more complex pieces, such as an AR-15.

    There are two popular methods available for cleaning: bore snakes and cleaning rods. Does one offer superior performance over the other? Let’s investigate:

    Cleaning Rod:

    Using a cleaning rod is the preferred approach when absolute precision is required, as using a rod will more thoroughly clean the barrel of the firearm than compared to a bore snake. However, this does not mean that a cleaning rod is the correct choice for every cleaning situation. If extreme care and caution are not taken, the rod actually can damage the muzzle or c

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  3. The Evolution of Major Firearm Actions

    The Evolution of Major Firearm ActionsFor some, it is hard to believe that firearms have actually been around for almost 1000 years. The earliest reports of firearms date back to the 13th century and gained prominence over the next few centuries.

    Of course, those primitive firearms, while revolutionary in their time, pale in comparison to the innovations in firearm technology that would follow.

    Firearm Technologies that Led to the Development of the AR-15

    The Matchlock

    The Matchlock was developed sometime in the 1400s in Europe. It innovated the method with which firearms could be fired through the introduction of a slow-burning match, which would light the flash pan and ignite the gunpowder inside the barrel. This technology eventually allowed for the "rifle" form factor we are familiar with today, which significantly increased accuracy.

    The Wheellock

    The Wheellock was developed in the 1500s and

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  4. Stag Arms Product Review: Samson Field Survivor (Piston & Standard)

    Samson Field SurvivorOut in the field or on the range, it pays to be prepared. Nothing puts the brakes on an enjoyable time like a small performance snafu in the form of a broken shell or an overload of carbon. Packing the Samson Field Survivor ensures that preparation is complete in order to take care of those little emergencies that tend to crop up.

    Much more convenient than a gear kit that hangs on a belt or needs to be stored in a pack, the Samson Field Survivor keeps everything right in the palm of your hand. Designed with a stainless steel mechanism that is patent pending, this multi-tool system stores right in the pistol grip of a standard A2 or a Hogue AR Rev 2 grip. Quick and easy to use while on the move or hunkered down low, simply put it inside the base and twist it to lock

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  5. What is the Difference Between the STAG-15 and the STAG-16?

    stag arms ar15Stag Arms uses the designation of STAG-15 and STAG-16 as rifle designations instead of AR-15 and M-16 due to them being trademarks of another manufacturer.

    Side by side, the STAG-15 and the STAG-16 look quite similar, to the point that many affirm they are the same rifle with a different name.  

    Nothing can be further from the truth, starting with the fact that the STAG-15, which is targeted mainly at civilian users, is a semi-automatic rifle, while the STAG-16, which is used by police and military, is a select fire rifle which can shoot in a semi-automatic mode, burst

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  6. The History of the AR-15 – America’s Most Popular Rifle Design


    The AR-15 design was originally invented in the years following World War II as a direct response to the evolving needs of infantry soldiers. The Operations Research Office of the Army had determined that they needed a low recoil firearm which would have a decent capacity to fire small projectiles.

    The Winchester Repeating Arms Company, the Springfield Armory, and ArmaLite all developed prototype firearms, with ArmaLite’s offering being the now-famous AR-15 rifle.

    Many Different Rounds Available

    One of the biggest benefits of owning an AR-15 is that the rifle can quite literally grow with you over the years. With a huge array of conversion kits and components available you can customize the rifle in virtually any way you wish. From .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm rounds (the two ‘standard’ ammunition sizes), to 6.8 SPC rounds, or even .22LR; the AR-15 can fire an incredibly wide variety of rounds. Whether you are a hunter, a target marksman, or interested in home protection, you will be able to find a round that fits your needs.

    Full Barrel Customization

    There are many different barrel lengths available with the 16 inch government profile being the most popular. There are 14 inch and shorter barrels but they must have a permanently attached muzzle device to bring the length back up to a legal 16 inch minimum. Maneuverability is the key trade-off when a longer-heavier barrel is chosen. Available in lengths up to 24 inches, longer barrels are generally more accurate but also more cumbersome.

    Right-Handed & Left-Handed Rifles

    While technically Colt Firearms owns the trademark on calling their products “AR 15” rifles, there are a wide variety of manufacturers who produce models colloquially known as AR-15 firearms. However, most of Colt’s products are manufactured for right-handed shooters; this is a real problem for left-handed marksmen and hunters. When left-handed shooters shoot a right hand rifle the empty brass cartridge flies across their face when being ejected from the firearm. These enthusiasts usually look at the models produced by Stag Arms instead, who is known for producing the highest quality left-handed AR-15 rifles.

    left hand ar15

    The Most Popular for a Good Reason

    The AR-15 models have proven to be the most popular for several good reasons:

    • Wide selection of rifle models

    • Easy to customize and convert

    • Variety of different accessories

    • Wide choice of ammunition calibers

    • Good for defense, hunting, plinking, and sport

    With such a long list of advantages, and such wide versatility, the AR-15 is an excellent selection if you are looking to purchase a rifle, whatever your purpose may be.

    Image Courtesy of:

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  7. What is the Difference Between a Drop-In Handguard and a Free Float Handguard?

    Diamonhead Handguard dropinWhen it comes to firearms, not much is quite as important as ensuring that your gun is a safe, comfortable fit. Due to their design, drop-in handguards are only held in place by pressure from the delta ring assembly and the handguard cap, so they tend to move a bit when installed.

    In contrast, free-floating handguards won’t move at all when installed securely to the barrel nut and don’t touch the barrel at all. We will compare the benefits of each style of handguard below.


    Drop-in handguards are generally less expensive than free-floating handguards bec

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  8. 3 Things You Should Know Before Buying an AR-15

    AR-15Firearms, like other tools, fulfill a specific application for the user. If you wanted to nail deck boards down, you’d pull out your nail gun. If you are looking to go hunting, target shooting or home defense, you would choose an AR-15. The AR-15 serves many purposes, it is extremely customizable and can be a showpiece of individuality along with being a hard-working firearm.

    Every collector needs a signature AR-15 set up to their specifications, and anyone looking for a versatile firearm should consider a Stag Arms rifle.

    The following are three things you may want to consider about your AR-15 purchase:

    The Purpose of the Firearm

    The first thing to determine when choosing a rifle is to ask yourself, “For what purpose am I purchasing this rifle?” Once you answer that question, it makes it a lot easier to narrow your search to a specific model.

    1. Target shoot
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  9. The difference between Gas Piston and Direct Impingement technology for an AR-15

    ar-15 gas piston
    The AR-15 Rifle, while eminently customizable, carries with it a few conundrums. One is the choice of operating system; do you get a model which uses gas piston technology, or the more traditional direct impingement?

    Fans of the gas piston will state that impingement models are prone to jamming and often foul easily. Fans of the impingement model will call gas piston tech mechanically unsound. Who is correct, and what is the real difference between the model types here?

    Basic AR Functionality – What makes an AR-15 an AR-15?

    To qualify as an AR-15, a rifle must be self-loading, and be able to perform a specific set of basic functions mechanically, without user assistance. To be more specific when depressing the trigger, the rifle needs to fire a single cartridge, and t

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  10. Why Can’t I Have a Firearm Sent to My Home?

    Why-Can't-I-Have-a-New-Firearm-Sent-to-My-HomeMany firearm enthusiasts believe that it's impossible to send firearms through the mail. While this is not completely correct, there are many strict regulations that do pose significant hurdles to shipping firearms. In addition to federal laws targeting illegal firearms trafficking, shippers must also comply with applicable state laws, as well as the rules of the carrier.

    Because dealers and carriers are responsible for complying with the law, they will often refuse to ship firearms in situations that may technically be legal to avoid unintentionally breaking the law.

    Federal Law

    The federal laws related to the shipment of firearms were passed under the Interstate Commerce Clause and generally only deal with shipments that cross state lines. Shipments for a new firearm purchase must either originate from or be sent to a licensed dealer, manufacturer, importer, collector, or government agency. All new individually purchased

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