Red-Dot-SightRed dot sights have revolutionized many types of shooting. Combining advantages of iron sights and rifle scopes, they also bring advantages that no previous sighting system has offered. Whether you are in combat, competition, or hunting dangerous game, red dot sights can allow you to use your skill to the greatest potential.

Unfortunately, most shooters are not using their red dot sights to the sight’s greatest potential.

The great improvement is speed, without decreasing accuracy. Red dot sights put you on target faster than iron sights and faster than magnified optics. In order to take advantage of that speed, a shooter must understand where it comes from and how to use the sight to maximize these advantages.

The first advantage is that the reticle is on the same focal plane as the target. When the eye is focused on the target, it is also focused on the reticle. Aiming is faster than with iron sights. The shooter does n

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