Stag Arms is proud to present the launch of our Stag Select Series. Rifles that bring you elevation: rifles that are custom designed, each only offered for a limited time, in a limited number.

When Stag moved to Wyoming, we fully embraced the can-do, American attitude of the Mountain West. So, when the time came to design our first cerakote, we knew we wanted it to represent our values - what we stand for.

To kick it off we present: the Laramie Edition, a Wyoming-proud pattern that embodies both the Stag Arms brand, and the attitude of the state we call home. The Laramie cerakote brings you a rifle in our Stag Brand colors, while also coming in a practical camouflage that any member of our large hunting community could take to the field. She’s prettyto look at, but also rugged enough to be at home in the Mountain West.

The Laramie Edition is offered in three variations:

Right-Handed Stag 15 Tactical 16” Rifle with Nitride Barrel in 5.56-LaramieEdition
Left-Handed Stag 15 Tactical 16” Rifle with Nitride Barrel in 5.56-Laramie Edition
Right-Handed Stag 10 Marksman 18" Rifle with Nitride Barrel in .308-Laramie Edition

*These rifles are specifically built to order so please allow for more lead time than on our regular offerings.