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  1. Stag Arms Product Review: Versa-Carry 28rd .22LR Magazine

    .22lr-stag-arms-magazineStag Arms’ new versa-carry, 28 round, .22LR magazine has numerous features designed to appeal to shooters. Engineering did not take a back seat during the development of this durable and unique accessory which is designed for years of use at the range.

    Manufactured to fit any M-16 or AR-15 rifle that is fitted with a Stag Arms’ .22LR conversion kit, the versa-carry, 28 round capacity, .22LR magazine provides the user with dependable versatility in the operation of their firearm. When it comes time to go for that .22LR conversion, Stag Arms has the accessories to keep your new purchases working effectively.

    Reload the Magazine with Confidence...

    Composed of

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  2. Left or Right? 4 Steps to Test Your Eye Dominance

    Left-Handed Shooter.jpg

    Often, we start out in this sport by shooting the way we see the most popular shooters doing it, or by following how we’re shown in a permit certification and safety course. Most of the time, the ways we learn only focus on shooting with a right-handed firearm.

    Since most modern AR-15 rifles are only available in right hand, we figure that we’re supposed to be shooting that way. But what if you’re not right eye dominant?

    While right-handed people are likely to be right eye dominant, that is not always the case and it is

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