It's the reality we currently live in where not all states treat firearms with the same set of rules across the board. We hope to make sure that all of our customers, no matter where they live, have as much access to self defense and the sport of shooting as possible. Thats why our compliance and legal team make it a priority every day, to bring forward the ability share our passion through our firearms with you.

To learn more about your local firearms laws, please visit the NRA website:


If you happen to live in a less than ‘gun friendly’ state, our ‘Other’ firearm configurations may be an option in where you live. Our Stag 15 Others are in a class of their own, being classified not as a pistol and not a rifle, they are equipped with:

  • A bare buffer tube or a stabilizing brace.
  • Pistol grip
  • Vertical grip on the handguard
  • An overall length of longer than 26”
  • Barrel length choices of 12.5” or 14.5”

These features together classify the firearm as an “other firearm/nonNFA”. The Stag 15 Other is currently compliant and legal in the following States:

  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Any state that does not impose additional restrictions on AR-15 pattern firearms.

Please be aware that any aftermarket modifications made to a factory produced Stag firearm can potentially change the classification of this firearm which may change its legality in your jurisdiction. It is extremely important than you verify that any changes you want to make to the firearm before you make them to ensure your modification will still be considered legal in your jurisdiction.


Due to the current firearms laws, we are currently not accepting any orders from Illinois and Massachusetts.


Specifically for our customers who live in Maryland, we offer a special MD compliant rifle variation on many of our main models. Our MD rifles ship with the following to satisfy the requirements of Maryland Law.

  • Heavy Profile Barrel
  • 10-Round Magazine

For our customers living in the state of New Jersey, we offer a special NJ compliant variation on many of our main models. Our New Jersey rifles ship with the following to satisfy the requirements of New Jersey Law:

  • Pinned Stock
  • Pinned Muzzle Device
  • 10 Round Magazine
  • 10 Round Magazine

For our customers who live in California and New York, we offer CA and New York compliant rifles. Our CA/NY rifles ship with the following:

  • Cross Armory Fixed Magazine Device
  • 10 Round Magazine

Our compliant rifles have a the Cross Armory fixed magazine device which allows them to have features that would normally be restricted under state law such as pistol grips, collapsible stocks, and flash hiders or muzzle brakes depending on the base rifle. Our California/New York compliance rifles also ship with a 10-round magazine to satisfy CA/NY law.

A large selection of our Stag 15 rifles have legal State Configurations for Maryland, New Jersey, New York & California. Browse them below and look for the "State Configuration" drop down on the product page.