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  1. Why is a Warranty Important with a Firearm?

    Stag Arms WarrantyA warranty is a specific type of protection plan that is commonly offered either by a product manufacturer or retailer to cover certain unforeseen circumstances that may arise with the product in question.

    In the case of a firearm, a warranty can be offered either by the company who made the product or by the retailer you bought it from.

    While many people assume that a warranty of any type isn't really important, there are a number of situations where one will most certainly come in handy with regards to your firearm.


    One of the biggest reasons why a warranty is important with a firearm has to do with certain types of damage that may unfortunately occur. Even though many firearms are made using strict quality control standards, there are still situations where one or more parts on the unit may fail through no fault of your own.

    In the event that the aforementioned type of damage

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  2. Relocation Announcement

    November 18th, 2019

    Stag Arms LLC (“Stag” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new President as well as its new location.

    Stag’s Board of Directors today announced that Chad Larsen has been appointed Stag’s President effective immediately.  The Company also announced that it will be relocating to Cheyenne, WY, by the end of the year.  In June, the Company disclosed its decision to move from Stag’s former headquarters in New Britain, CT, and accordingly initiated a national search for a new location. 

    In making today’s announcement, Elie Azar, Founder and CEO of White Wolf Capital, LLC, which owns a controlling interest in Stag Arms, said: “We decided it was time to do a complete refresh of the Company.  We needed to solve for three things: visionary customer-centric leadership, a business-friendly, pro-growth economic environment, and a cultural climate that reflects Stag’s brand image of independence and

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