The Evolution of Major Firearm ActionsFor some, it is hard to believe that firearms have actually been around for almost 1000 years. The earliest reports of firearms date back to the 13th century and gained prominence over the next few centuries.

Of course, those primitive firearms, while revolutionary in their time, pale in comparison to the innovations in firearm technology that would follow.

Firearm Technologies that Led to the Development of the AR-15

The Matchlock

The Matchlock was developed sometime in the 1400s in Europe. It innovated the method with which firearms could be fired through the introduction of a slow-burning match, which would light the flash pan and ignite the gunpowder inside the barrel. This technology eventually allowed for the "rifle" form factor we are familiar with today, which significantly increased accuracy.

The Wheellock

The Wheellock was developed in the 1500s and

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