Monthly Archives: August 2002

  1. [New] Stag Arms Model 3T & 3T-M Tactical Rifles

    Stag-Arms-Model-3Incorporating the evolution of shooting tactics and rifle accessory technology we created our newest rifle. The new Model 3T provides the shooter with a rifle that is readily usable with many of today’s shooting styles.

    Working with multiple law enforcement agencies, a few of which learned speed and accuracy from our 3-Gun shooting team, we have tested and determined the features and configuration which will work best with these new tactics. Utilizing these rifles, shooters are able to produce fast and accurate shots from close to long range as is needed in tactical situations and competitions.

    Boasting a 16” free floated government profile barrel with a carbine length gas system the shooter will be able to use many different gripping techniques when handling the firearm. Aiding in

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  2. The Benefits of Left-Handed & Ambidextrous Rifle Accessories

    Left Handed Ambidextrous Rifle Accessories"I'm right handed. Why do I need ambidextrous rifle accessories?" If you're asking yourself this question, you will definitely want to educate yourself on why left-handed or ambidextrous accessories can prove to be extremely beneficial.

    Believe it or not, ambidextrous AR-15 accessories and parts are gaining in popularity with right and left-handed owners for a wide range of reasons. You get a lot of performance advantages with left-hand and ambidextrous parts that you won't get with a rifle built strictly for right-handed users. Here are just a few.

    Sharing Your Rifle

    So you want to teach your kids to shoot, but your child is left-handed? An ambidextrous build ensures that anyone who you want to take to the range will be able to use your AR-15 just as well as you can (well, minus perhaps several years of experience, that is). If rifles are a family hobby, buying a few ambi components is

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