The following is an actual testimonial from a grateful Stag Arms owner.

Tom GreshamOrdered my Stag AR in 2012 and my FFL and I did the paperwork while we watched the Newtown event unfold.

Several months ago, my bolt stopped locking back on the empty mag.  I lived with it.  I figured I had cheap mags.  But not all of them!  And it would lock on the empty mag when I dry fired--just not on live fire. Checked online forums, where too many people who don't sign their real names have too many ideas about what the problem could be.

Finally, Feb of this year, I had some spare time at work and thought about "what would Tom do" and went on the Stag website.  I engaged in an email conversation THAT DAY with a customer service rep.  All very cordial--I was prepared to live with the problem and didn't expect such a quick response from a Stag rep.

He offered a few conjectures but decided that it was my bolt catch assembly. So, he sent me one.  No charge, sight unseen. Took it to the range with the new BCA and everything worked perfectly. I continue to learn a lot about ARs--none of the forum geniuses mentioned BCA. Thanks to Stag Arms and thanks to you for your advice.

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