July 4, 2020

Today, July 4, way back in 1776 something absolutely incredible happened. 
The people of the Thirteen American Colonies declared that they were no longer subject to the British empire and were, in fact, free men and women. They declared that the government's power comes from the consent of the governed and that when a government becomes to powerful that it is the "Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government."
Today we celebrate those brave enough to stand with the Continental Congress and declare their right to be free and independent states.
Ordinarily we'd run a huge sale to honor the day we declared our independence but due to recent events, the tools that are guaranteed protected by the second amendment have been in unprecedented demand. For this weekend, we are offering free shipping on everything we were able to get into stock on our website.
We hope that you and yours have a fun and safe Independence Day celebration!

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