It is a time of danger for the rights of the firearms community. The people in Washington state are far too aware of this, as proposed House Bill 1240 would enact an Assault Weapons Ban making over 60 models of semi-automatic firearms illegal in the state. This would include larger firearms families, such as ARs and AKs but also extends to any semi-automatic firearm with a detachable magazine that meets certain criteria such as: adjustable stock, threaded barrel, muzzle break, or pistol grip, even extending to semi-auto pistols or shotguns. This comes as a response to what Washington lawmakers are calling a “public health threat.” 

Stag Arms is taking action by sending team members to the front lines in Washington state to support law-abiding gun owners. Stag is setting up a forward operating base to deliver extra support to local gun store owners and dealers across the state. The team is also helping process thousands of orders and expediting shipping while the clock ticks down to the bill being signed into law. Team Stag has been seen handing out swag and snacks to those standing in long lines at local firearms retailers. As talk of more AWB legislation becomes prevalent in other states, such as our neighboring Colorado, Stag Arms plans to launch similar support efforts to states finding themselves in a similar situation.

And as far as online orders go, every online order from WA residents are receiving top priority. They are being moved to the front of the line and are receiving expedited processing and expedited shipping for as long as we are legally allowed to sell to Washington.


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