Out here in Wyoming, we’re familiar with the wild. We know what it is to not only face the rugged challenges that nature brings but embrace them and make them part of who we are. We know many of you relate to this state of mind, regardless of whatever part of the country you hail from – the outdoorsman lifestyle: one of hunting or shooting, fishing or boating, but most importantly, a deep connection forged with the outdoors.

So, when we sat down to design a rifle for you – the outdoorsman – we thought long and hard about what you expect out of a rifle. The two major factors we kept in mind were 1.) that you need to be able to trust your rifle to make a clean shot every time and 2.) that the rifle you bring is so versatile that you trust it to handle any environment and situation you may find yourself in.

Introducing the Stag Arms Pursuit Rifles. With Stag 15, Stag 10, and a brand-new Bolt Action line-up, we’ve got your next adventure handled. With caliber options like .350 Legend, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, and 6.5 PRC, you’ll be an effective shot on game small or large, targets near or far, and every combination in between.  We took the guesswork out of these builds by including upgrades from stock to muzzle. These rifles were forged for those who are wild at heart. Are you ready to join the pursuit?


Introducing the Stag Arms Pursuit Bolt Action Rifle – a revolutionary firearm meticulously designed in collaboration with seasoned hunters and shooters, setting a new standard for off-the-shelf accuracy. Building on the timeless Remington 700 footprint, this rifle features an interchangeable three-lug bolt head, a 60-degree bolt throw, a toolless quick disassemble bolt, and a pinned recoil lug, offering a seamless blend of precision and reliability for every shooter. An upgraded Trigger Tech Primary Trigger for crisp shots, an AR10 Style toolless removable stock for easy transport and storage, and MLOK, Picatinny, Arca Swiss mounting options and integrated QD cups make this rifle a versatile companion in the field.


The Stag Arms Pursuit AR15 and AR10 Rifles are the first hunting-specific, semi-automatic rifles of their kind. Built around Hanson Profile Barrels, Timney USA Triggers, and more, these rifles are the perfect balance of lightweight, without a sacrifice in performance, The midnight-bronze coloring, and custom Stag Arms branded leather cheek weld atop the adjustable CTR stock means you won’t be forfeiting looks either.