We the People at Stag Arms believe in Freedom and the right to bear arms. We firmly stand behind the 2nd Amendment and believe that the citizens of our great nation should be able to not only defend themselves and their families, but also experience the joy of taking a new rifle to the range, and sighting it in for the first time.  
The Stag Arms Select Series "We the People" Rifle celebrates our nation's birth and is available just in time for the Fourth of July! The rifle truly embodies the independence we want you to feel the next time you head to the range. Based on our proven Stag 3-Gun and Tactical platforms with 5.56 NATO, .223 Wylde, .308 WIN, and 6.5 CM caliber options in a limited edition cerakote pattern, this is a rifle you won’t want to miss adding to your arsenal.   
Like every new model from Stag Arms, you’ll find upgraded features including Hiperfire triggers, VG6 Gamma breaks, BREACH ambidextrous charging handles, and ambi, fully-configurable safeties. Find configuration-specific information here and purchase online now or in-store at your local Stag Arms dealer.