Stripped Upper Receiver With Upper Parts Kit (Blem)

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The A3 Stripped Upper Receiver with Upper Parts Kit is made to mil-spec standards and ready for your next build. The Upper Parts Kit includes everything you need to install the dust cover and forward assist onto the stripped upper receiver.

This product is blemished. Blemishes may include:

• Minor tool marks

• Flaws in finish

These products are fully functional. If you don't mind a slight imperfection, this is the perfect product for you. We do not accept returns on blemished products.


Pivot/Takedown Pin Size: Small Pin - .250"

Material: Mil-Spec Forged with Type 3 Hard Coat Anodize

Upper Parts Kit:

  • C-clip
  • Ejection port cover
  • Ejection port cover roll pin
  • Ejection port cover spring
  • Forward Assist assembly
  • Forward Assist roll pin
  • Forward Assist spring

SKU: STAG500012


Q: Are the bolt carrier and charging handle included?

A: The bolt carrier and charging handle are sold separately.


Reviews (3)

king loo 20th Apr 2019

Blem Upper

Got delivered today. There were no tool blemishes, no physical defects. If anything maybe slight finish discoloration. Oiled the upper and it is absolutely perfect. Happy othes I have had would have obvious tool marks.

Mike 1st Mar 2019

Blem? What blem?

I got my "blem" upper receiver with parts kit today, even though it wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow. It's black! It's very black. I wouldn't be surprised if it's as black as Hillary Clinton's heart. After a cursory inspection, I couldn't find a blem. The rail, "T marks", the finish, gas tube hole, and everything else looked perfect. Next, I took it to my bench, turned on the light and looked more closely as I assembled it. I still found no blems. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with my purchase.