Samson Field Survivor

Samson Field Survivor



Product Details

The Field Survivor is designed to keep commonly used repair and maintenance tools with the firearm at all times. It fits securely into the standard A2 or Hogue pistol grip.

Product Specs


  • Broken shell extractor
  • Wire brush for bore cleaning
  • Ampule for oil for one field lube
  • Cable to pull the brush through the bore
  • Carbon scraping tool
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Feed lip adjustment tool
  • Gas key cleaning tool
  • Cotter pin hook
  • Strike plate
  • Front sight adjustment tool
  • Magazine feed lip gauge

Product FAQ

What is the difference between the standard field survivor and the piston field survivor?

The piston rifle field survivor contains a wrench for the STAG piston system in place of a carbon scraper found in the direct impingement model. The tool also maintains the same form factor as the original Field Survivor for seamless compatibility into the grip of your choice.


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