Stag 10 Stripped Upper Receiver (Blem)

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Stag 10 Stripped Upper Receiver (Blem)

The Stag 10 Stripped Upper Receiver includes a picatinny rail on the top with a Tang Height of .210


The Stag 10 Stripped Upper Receiver will work with our Stag 10 Upper Receiver Parts Kit or any DPMS upper parts kit. Our upper receiver has the same barrel nut threads as DPMS, accepts DPMS barrels, accepts Stag, Armalite and DPMS BCGS and Charging Handles. It also accepts standard AR Forward Assists.

Once matched with our custom Stag Lower, Takedown Pin, Pivot Pin and Takedown Pin Detent, this assembly can be built using standard DPMS components.

This product is blemished. Blemishes may include:

• Scratches

• Minor tool marks

• Flaws in finish

These products are fully functional. If you don't mind a slight imperfection, this is the perfect product for you. We do not accept returns on blemished products.


Pivot/Takedown Pin Size: .2770"  

Tang Height: .210 DPMS High Profile

Material: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum with Type III Hard Coat Anodize

SKU: STAG300343B


Q: Are the bolt carrier and charging handle included?

A: The bolt carrier and charging handle are sold separately.

Q: Will the this upper work with other manufacturers?

A: Due to the Slant Cut, this upper will only work with Stag Lowers. This upper is compatible with DPMS components to complete builds.

1 Review

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    Best "Cheap Guy" purchase ever! SCORE!

    Posted by Vaughn Hilliard on 9th May 2020

    I was looking to save money buy shopping for "blemished" items! I had no idea that buying a "Stag Arms" upper (& lower) would be so awesome!
    !. "Stag Arms" was bought by a manufacturer that in my home city...=
    2. Free 2-Day Shipping (Lower only) $7 2 Day shipping on the "Upper"! (bought separately)
    I bought the lower because my state laws will change next month! Figured I'd wait to get the Upper...after It arrived, I (on a whim) looked at "Stag Arms" just to see the price for a "Blemished Upper". Wow! Less than the "Lower" cost! So I immediately bought it! I knew that both would mate together flawlessly!
    3. A matching "AR-10/.308 Receiver Set" for under $200! SCORE!
    Then I did my research (after I'd already bought them both)
    4. "Stag Arms" uses "DPMS Pattern" parts. but the "Receivers" have the "Armalite - angles cut!
    If I'd bought any other "Upper" would not have worked at all! (I accidentally did it right!)
    5. I still haven't found either "blemish"! I'm still guessing! Is tat it?! No. Just a speck of dust.
    6. The finish looks like custom Black Cerakote with subtle prism metal flake crystal in it! It belongs on an expensive exotic car!
    7. The fit...isn't a fit, it's a "seal"! They seal together almost seamlessly! (I had to use a rubber mallet to tap the "Pivot Pin" in...and out! The "Take Down" was easier.
    8. The "Lower Receiver" comes with its own "Pivot and Take-Down Pin Set" included!
    9. The "Armalite" cut...makes it possible for me to get an original "Carry Handle Upper" also! I Love the "Carry Handle" looks! It's the only way for me! Authentic! I hate "Flat-Tops"! An Aircraft Carrier without its "Superstructure" is just a barge! A Submarine without it's "Coning Tower" is just a torpedo! An AR-10 or a M16 without it's "Carry Handle" is...a trick to get you to have spend hundreds of dollars buying back exactly what the cut off of it...just to get you to spend more money buying it back! I also hate "detachable Carry Handles" look cheap with those giant knobs protruding out on one side are goofy!
    10. But my "Stag Arms" is so pretty and quality...that I"ll get over it being a "Flat-Top"!. But I can also build an "Armalite Carry Handle Upper Assembly"! And both should work (I think. I hope it'll work!?) I'd have to change out the "Bolt catch"???? H-m-m-m?
    11. The Stag Arms Upper" is designed for a "Forward Assist"! (I like having a "Forward Assist"! Another tool to use built-right-in! NICE1
    12. I saved much money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Yay!

    On second thought...don't buy this! It's way too awesome for you! Leaves more for me!