Stag DLC Bolt Carrier Group

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This Bolt Carrier Group features the most advanced coating on the market, Diamond Like Coating (DLC), that gives it one of the highest hardness scores on the Rockwell scale at 90. This BCG is designed to work with any rifle and/or upper half chambered in 5.56/.223.


Coating: Diamond Like Coating (DLC)

Bolt carrier material: 8620 Steel

Bolt: Right-Handed Bolt Assembly

Included parts: Bolt Carrier, Bolt Assembly, Cam Pin, Firing Pin, and Firing Pin Retaining Pin

Design: Carrier with a Shrouded Firing Pin

Staking: Proper Mil-Spec Staking of the Gas Key

SKU: SA300160


Q: Will this bolt carrier work with other manufacturer's rifles and upper halves?

A: Yes, this bolt carrier assembly will work with other rifles and upper halves chambered in 5.56/.223.

Q: Can I use this bolt carrier with a piston system?

A: No, this bolt carrier assembly will not work with piston systems.


Reviews (1)

jeff 16th Aug 2017

Bolt carrier group

While I have not had the time to fire this carrier group yet I can say that it fits my milspec rifle perfectly and has a very smooth feel. The DLC treatment almost makes the bolt feel lubricated.