Stag Arms Front Sight Tool

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The Front Sight Tool allows for easy adjustment of the elevation on an A2 Front Sight. A2 Front Sights are used on AR-15, M16 and M4 style rifles.


Material: Steel

Finish: Parkerized

Markings: Laser Engraved 'STAG ARMS'

SKU: STAG300453


Q: Will this tool work on every front sight?

A: This tool will work on the majority of front sights that use standard AR front sight posts.

Q: Which way do I adjust it?

A: When adjusting elevation, lowering your front sight will raise elevation, and raising your front sight will lower elevation.


Reviews (3)

Michael Eugene Thornton 31st Aug 2017

Sighting in your rifle

You are going to be forced to buy this tool eventually, why not now and make sighting your rifle easier. Keeping it with the rifle makes great sense if you ever change ammunition types or bullet weights.

Russ 12th Aug 2017

Outstanding Quality

I recently purchased the Stag sight adjustment tool. I was extremely impressed with the quality and it works great. I will likely purchase another in the near future as a backup. I suggest you purchase this product. You will not be disappointed.