Diamondhead Polymer Diamond Integrated Sighting System (with NiteBrite)

Diamondhead Polymer Diamond Integrated Sighting System (with NiteBrite)

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Diamondhead’s Polymer Integrated Sighting System is designed for all AR15s and Modern Sporting Rifles. Front and Rear Sights both incorporate the Patented Diamond-shaped apertures and upper housings and are fitted with NiteBrite photoluminescent inserts.


  • Advanced Polymer/Composite construction for  strength, light weight & exceptional durability.
  • NiteBrite™- Photoluminescent Inserts (the low-cost alternative to Tritium) - can be charged by natural light or with a flashlight.
  • Spring-loaded sights flip up quickly with the push of a button, stays up securely and folds down flat.
  • Patented Diamond-shaped Apertures and Upper Housings for fast alignment .

SKU: STAG300259


Q: Can the front sight be installed on a railed gas block?

A: Front sight cannot be mounted to a railed gas block due to excess heat issues. Front sight must be mounted to a railed fore end on the same plane as the receiver rail.


Reviews (3)

Jt 12th Dec 2017

Diamondhead sights

Well made sights and great sight picture.

joe kraudelt 5th Dec 2017

Diamondhead Back up sights

I haven't shot a lot with them but they are well made and present an excellent sight picture. I would recommend them.