Bolt Carrier Group - 5.56/.223/300 BLK - Nickel Boron - Right Handed

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Bolt Carrier Group - 5.56/.223/300 BLK - Nickel Boron - Right Handed

This bolt carrier assembly is designed to work with any AR-15 rifle, upper half, or barrel designed for right hand ejection in the 5.56/.223 caliber. The nickel boron coating has increased lubricity and a low friction co-efficient; therefore, the life expectancy of a firearm will be greatly increased due to reduced friction wear.


Coating: Extremely Durable Nickel Boron Coating

Bolt carrier material: 8620 steel

Bolt: 5.56/.223 Right-Handed Bolt assembly

Included parts: Bolt carrier, bolt assembly, cam pin, firing pin, and firing pin retaining pin

Design: M16 carrier with a shrouded firing pin

Staking: Proper mil-spec staking of the gas key

SKU: STAG300755


Q: Will this bolt carrier work with other manufacturer's rifles and upper halves?

A: Yes, this bolt carrier assembly will work with other manufacturer’s 5.56 rifles and upper halves.

Q: Can I use this bolt carrier with the Stag Arms piston system?

A: No, this bolt carrier assembly will not work with piston systems.

53 Reviews

  • 5
    Bolt carrier

    Posted by Dan on 15th Apr 2021


  • 3
    Nickel boron bolt carrier group

    Posted by Jessie on 13th Apr 2021

    It looks like a well made part. Shiny new when used it. Still holding it's luster. And it still sends them party favors down range just fine. Stag arms will be my go to. Living in utah it's a no brainer. We the people.. shall not be infringed.

  • 5

    Posted by Ed on 24th Mar 2021

    Stag products are the best if you can get them buy them!

  • 5
    Well made

    Posted by Joseph Leighty on 11th Mar 2021

    Fit, finish and function are flawless as usual. I have used these for years and they hold up well. I highly recommend them for any AR.

  • 5
    Great bcg

    Posted by Mark on 21st Feb 2021

    This is a great bcg and service is outstanding. Thank you

  • 5
    556 nickel boron ar bolt carrier group

    Posted by Frank on 15th Feb 2021

    Nickel boron finish looks great. All machining looks very nice. Good fit between parts. Slides great. Works as expected.

  • 5
    Looks great

    Posted by Michael on 11th Feb 2021

    Can't wait to try it out hope it fixes my feeding issues

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew F. on 8th Feb 2021


    Andrew, reach out to customer service and tell them Ops sent you. ;)

  • 5

    Posted by Brad on 3rd Feb 2021

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test this out on my build yet because of a spec issue on my lower receiver from another manufacturer, but it seems solid and fits my upper nicely. I imagine there will be more good things to come from Stag now that they are manufacturing in the free country. I think I just might have to flee the tyrannical dark lord in Michigan as well :(

    We love Wyoming! Come join us, Brad.