Bolt Carrier Group - .224 Valkyrie/6.8 SPC II - Nitride - Left Handed

Bolt Carrier Group - .224 Valkyrie/6.8 SPC II - Nitride - Left Handed



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The .224 Valkyrie / 6.8 SPC II Bolt Carrier Group is completely assembled and ready for use in any AR15 or M16 rifle. Made specifically to work with rifles chambered in .224 Valkyrie and 6.8 SPC II calibers, the Bolt Carrier is made using Mil-Spec 8620 Steel for its toughness and strength with a black nitride coating for superior corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. The Bolt is made of Mil-Spec Shot Peened Carpenter 158 which offers the best case hardening known for parts subject to heavy shock and wear.


Coating: Black Nitride

Bolt Carrier Material: 8620 Steel

Bolt: .224 Valkyrie/6.8 SPC II Left-Handed Bolt Assembly

Included Parts: Bolt carrier, Bolt Assembly, Cam Pin, Firing Pin, and Firing Pin Retaining Pin

Design: M16 Carrier with a Shrouded Firing Pin

Staking: Proper Mil-Spec Staking of the Gas Key

SKU: STAG310859


Q: Will this bolt carrier work with other company's rifles and upper halves?

A: This bolt carrier assembly will work with other companies .224 Valkyrie and 6.8 SPC II rifles and upper halves.

Q: Can I use this bolt carrier with the Stag Arms piston system?

A: This bolt carrier assembly will not work with piston systems.


Reviews (2)

Tim Marshall 13th Oct 2020

Stag Left hand 224 / 6.8 bolt carrier group

I have ordered complete rifles from Stag and the quality was always on the money , So recently I wanted to build a new upper , so I ordered a new BCG . It was lost by USPS and when I called Stag arms they sent me a new BCG to satisfy a customer without hesitation. Thank you Stag Arms, to Mike and his crew

PATRICK HIGHT 13th Aug 2020

Valkyrie Left Hand BCG

Starting a left-hand build of a .224. Having purchased a number of Stag products in the past, I knew the quality would be top-notch. Not disappointed.