300 Blackout Compensator

.300 Blackout Compensator

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The .300 Blackout compensator helps reduce recoil when shooting and if permanently attached, they are post-ban legal.


Length: 1.8"

Width: .925"

Material: Steel

Coating: Manganese Phosphate

Caliber: .300 Blackout

Threading: .30 caliber 5/8x24

Classification: Muzzle Brake

SKU: SA160051


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Joe L 14th Dec 2017

Excellent addition!

I purchased this brake to install on a Model 3 in 300 AAC Blackout. I find it well made and a nice addition to the rifle. The only issue I had was trying to remove the crush washer installed at the factory. It seemed too tight to have been installed as a slip over and I couldn't thread it off. But back to the brake, the machining is good and the design is functional. I do question the hole in the bottom which exposes threads to the elements. Not sure why that is present but probably a reason. Overall it is a nice functional addition and works well and is well made. The installation issue and hole are the only reasons for the 4 star. Craftsmanship and function I give it a 5 star.