(9mm) 20 Rd Magazine

(9mm) 20 Rd Magazine

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Our 9mm Colt style magazines will fit our 9mm chambered rifles.

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Material: Stainless Steel

Follower: Anti-tilt

Finish: Black

SKU: SA160041


Q: Can I use any other caliber of ammunition in this magazine?

A: Using ammunition other than what is specified may cause malfunctions and feeding problems.


Reviews (1)

R. Love 31st Dec 2017

20 round 9mm magazine

I have run about 400 rounds through a Stag model 9 thus far with two 32 round magazines and one 20 round magazine (all from Stag). I have had no magazine issues what so ever. If you have not used a 9mm yet they do get dirty quickly. With no direct impengement gas system I thought the rifle would run cleaner(not a design issue or anything like that, just an incorrect assumption on my part). Why this is relevant is because you have to clean everything sooner or later including the magazines. All of the magazines disassemble and reassemble the same way; however reassembly on the 20 round magazines is easier and faster due to the shorter spring. In case you were wondering, I have no regrets with any of the magazines or the rifle thus far, all have performed well, and in summary I prefer the 20 round magazines to the 32 round magazines only because they are easier to clean.