25 Rd (.22LR) Magazine

25 Rd (.22LR) Magazine

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Our .22LR magazines will fit any AR-15 or M16 rifle with our .22LR conversion kit installed.

Availability subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations. We currently do not ship this product to CA, CO, DC, CT, HI, IL, VT, MD, MA, NJ, or NY.


Material: Polymer

Finish: Grey

SKU: STAG300666

Product FAQ

Q: Will the magazine work with any other .22LR upper halves, conversion kits, or rifles?

A: We have not tested the magazines with anything except our conversion kits.

Q: Will the magazines lock the bolt back on the last shot?

A: The magazines are not designed to keep the bolt back in our conversion kit after the last shot is fired.


Reviews (1)

Timothy Yorgan 29th Sep 2017

Just arrived / First impression

I have a CMMG .22 Lr conversion kit in an AR Stoner upper w/80% lower. As a retired machinist, I see no difference in your mags from the ones supplied by CMMG. The configuration at the point of load is identical [the follower is a different color, big deal]. You don't claim it but, the bolt is held open at last round. I can't wait to give them a test at the range, right now, dry operation gives smooth feed and eject thus, so far, an excellent product and reasonably priced.