10 Rd (.22LR) Magazine

10 Rd (.22LR) Magazine



Our .22LR magazines will fit any AR-15 or M16 rifle with our .22LR conversion kit installed.


Material: Polymer

Finish: Black

SKU: STAG300714


Q: Will the magazine work with any other .22LR upper halves, conversion kits, or rifles?

A: We have not tested the magazines with anything except our conversion kits.

Q: Will the magazines lock the bolt back on the last shot?

A: The magazines are not designed to keep the bolt back in our conversion kit after the last shot is fired.


Reviews (1)

Paul 22nd Nov 2017

.22lr conversions

Bought two of the .22lr conversion kits to make AR shooting less expensive and at places where 5.56 is too loud, like indoors. Originally had four magazines to go with the kits. Now that I plan to try Steel Challenge with my rimfire converted AR, needed more magazines. There are five runs per stage. Since this is California I was limited to ten round magazines. The conversion kits and magazines have worked flawlessly for some time now. I look forward to the Steel Challenge competition improving my target to target transitions and trigger control with an affordable ammunition alternative, since it requires a minimum 200 rounds.