Safety Selector - Left-Handed

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The left hand safety selector allows for the proper use of the safety when shooting a left-handed rifle.  It will work with any mil-spec lower.


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14 Reviews

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    Didnt want Ambidextrous

    Posted by Jeff on 13th Jan 2021

    Unit works and fits perfectly so what else can I say. I'm left handed, and don't prefer to have additional protrusions that can snag on gear so I prefer non- ambidextrous controls.. Unit standard size, nice and tight. Also don't prefer overaized controls, mag releases etc. Havnt found them to be actually easier to use or control on AR platform, if anything they cause more issues than benefits. 5 stars

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    Left-handed safety selector.

    Posted by Clint Wooten on 14th Dec 2020

    These are great for any AR-15 or AR-10 rifle for a lefty. They work great i use them in any rifle I build or use for work and will continue to do so. Being left handed i hate using the ambidextrous safety cause the selector always gets in the way of my trigger finger. These are a great option for any lefty with that problem.

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    left handed safety selector

    Posted by James A. Flynn on 14th Dec 2020

    Works like a charm, easy to instal, too.

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    Left hand safety selector

    Posted by Michael K on 14th Dec 2020

    Great product plug and play I prefer over the ambidextrous all my lowers now have one

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    Posted by Paul on 8th Dec 2020

    I have 4. They are the best on the market and at the best price. Stag was out of stock and I tried one from another company named after a mid-western mammal, it cost more than twice as much, had a cute little red line and it didn't work. If you want the BEST, go to the original source STAG ARMS.

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    Better than ambi for lefties!

    Posted by Richard J Ruzanka on 12th Aug 2020

    It's one more left handed part on my mostly left handed 6.5 Grendel. I can't wait to have all my right handed friends shoot this.

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    Left Handed Safety Selector

    Posted by John Q on 11th Aug 2020

    Excelente! Does what it is intended to do and get us lefties back in the game. Very easy install.. works to perfection. My left thumb is happy again to be able to quickly engage/disengage safety. Good folks to chat with at Stag Arms... very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Best price I could find was with Stag Arms and shipped quickly.

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    Selector Lever- LH

    Posted by Zach G. on 4th Aug 2020

    Took less than 5 min to switch out. Machined with precision, functions perfectly. Highly recommend.

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    left hand selector

    Posted by ROBERT on 13th Jul 2020

    On safe, pull trigger nothing happens!! On fire, pull trigger gun goes boom!!