Safety Selector - Left-Handed

Safety Selector - Left-Handed

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The left hand safety selector allows for the proper use of the safety when shooting a left-handed rifle.  It will work with any mil-spec lower.


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Reviews (4)

Orville Atwood 20th Apr 2020

A must have

If you're left handed then you know that this is a no brainer.

Patricia Coombs 6th Sep 2017

Works Perfectly

As a lefty, ambi controls irritate my left hand (even the ones with a cut down lever on the left side) so this left handed safety is PERFECT for me. The fit and finish was great, easy to install and works on my lefty BRO AR15 as advertised. If a right handed person shoots my AR15s they just have to deal with the lefty safety and left ejection just like I deal with those issues when I shoot a right handed AR15....LOL.