Lost Parts Replacement Kit

Lost Parts Replacement Kit

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This kit includes the most commonly lost parts when working on your rifle. It's a must have for all builders.



  • 2x Buffer retainer springs
  • 2x Buffer retainers
  • 2x Extractor spring inserts
  • 2x Extractor springs
  • 4x Pivot/takedown detent pins
  • 4x Pivot/takedown detent springs
  • 2x Safety detent pins
  • 2x Safety detent springs

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Reviews (6)

Scott Reynolds 11th Oct 2017

Parts Kit

Parts kit came complete as advertised, I haven't used it yet but I'm doing my 1st AR build and I'm sure it'll come in handy as I always loose stuff.

Tom 6th Oct 2017

Must have for all you AR fans out there.

You ever lose a part or brake something while shooting or out in the field? I really sucks. Yes... Those kits are cheap and you can keep them in your bag. A must for everybody with ARs. Get them and buy a few of them.