Stag 10 LH Upper/Lower Combo with BCG and Lower Parts Kit

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The Stag 10 LH upper receiver assembly includes a Left Handed QPQ Nitride BCG, dust cover, and installed forward assist. The Stag 10 lower receiver includes an installed lower parts kit.

Our upper receiver uses a DPMS High Profile, tang height of .210. It uses the same barrel nut threads as DPMS, accepts DPMS barrels, accepts Stag, Armalite and DPMS Charging Handles.

Our lower receiver will accept any standard DPMS magazine, buffer and buffer spring. It will also work with any AR15 Stock.

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A3 Upper

Bolt Carrier: Left Handed Stag 10 QPQ Nitride BCG

Pivot/Takedown Pin Size: .2770"

Tang Height: .210 DPMS High Profile

Material: Forged 7075 T6 aluminum with type 3 hard coat anodizing and a picatinny rail on top

Stripped Lower

Lower Receiver Material: 7075 T6 aluminum with a type 3 hard coat anodizing

Caliber Marking: MULTI

SKU: STAG500047L



Q: Is the bolt carrier included?

A: Yes, the Stag-10 Left Handed QPQ Nitride BCG is included.

Q: Will these components work with other manufacturers?

A: This product is ready to build using Stag, DPMS or AR15 components.


1 Review

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    LH 308 combo (upper, lower, BCG)

    Posted by Jim on 17th Jun 2018

    I have owned a 6HL for a number of years - makes a fine competition rifle,.
    When the LH AR10, was announced, it was pretty much a no brainer

    I wanted a longer and heavier barrel than currently offered, so I picked up the builders combo on a Black Friday sale. (Also bought the Gamma compensator and a couple of magazines..)

    That Bad:
    I would guess it was a QA oversight or related to being early production serial, but I did have one issue - the charging handle slot was not fully machined out. There was a thin tab of metal (less than 1mm thick) I had to remove and smooth out before the charging handle would install.

    .The Good:
    The rest of the fit/finish was excellent.
    Lockup us tight.
    As advertised, it accepts standard DPMS parts without issue. The barrel, barrel nut, for, and stock came from different sources - everything fit right the first time.

    The Gamma compensator works very well, as do the mags..

    General observation:

    I’ve got about 100 rounds through it so far.
    Zero jams, zero misfeeds, zero failures to extract.

    However - Unlike the 6H, which ejects brass at approx 11 o’clock, the AR10 ejects about 7 o’clock, so once in a while, it bounces one off my head

    Be advised the dust cover rod is free float. A C-Clip is not used to hold it in place. If you use a Hogue barrel nut/fore, under recoil, the pin will side forward through the holes in the nut, then the spring/dust cover go flying. Fortunately, I found them.
    On the 6HL, Stag put a rubber plug in the hole.
    .The plug is not supplied by Hogue. (I put a squished earplug in the hole. Works well.)

    Overall, this was an excellent value, especially on sale. Scoped, it is a tack driver, and I’m fine tuning the Redfield match sights I added to make it the same on iron.