Stag 10 Series

.308 WIN | 6.5 Creedmoor

No Weak Side.

The Stag Arms AR-10 Series offers revolutionary long-range precision rifles in .308/7.62x51mm NATO and 6.5 Creedmoor. Available in both right and left-hand ejection, the Stag 10 Series is specifically designed for extra power and distance shooting featuring handpicked barrels to ensure maximum utilization while you’re out at the range or in the field. The upper and lower receivers are crafted for precision fit to ensure strength and long-lasting durability.

Lower Receiver


One of the key differences in the Stag 10 over other DPMS patterns is our choice of an Armalite style slant cut receiver.

The slant cut ensures superior fit over the DMPS platform and minimizes the amount of battle rattle coming from the rifle. The Stag 10 lower receiver will accept any mil-spec trigger guard, fire control group, stock and receiver extension tube.

Lower Receiver Parts


Virtually every part on the Stag 10 is compatible except the takedown pin, pivot pin, and takedown pin detent.

Those 3 Stag proprietary components were designed with the stability of the lower and upper receiver in mind. Each part was given a 180-degree rotation to create a tighter tolerance and eliminate battle rattle.

Upper Receiver


As with our lower receiver, one of the key differences in the Stag 10 over other DPMS patterns is our choice of an Armalite style slant cut receiver.

The Stag 10 upper receiver has a tang height of .210. This rail height matches up with the most common DPMS handguards available. The upper also accepts standards the same bolt carrier groups, barrels and barrel nut threads as the DPMS platform.

Upper Receiver Parts


To allow our customers the most flexibility to build around the platform they prefer, we designed our upper receivers to accept any standard DPMS upper parts kit. This includes standard .308 dust covers and standard .308 charging handles.



To cater to today’s shooter, the Stag 10 .308 barrels come in either 16”, for close quarters shooting, or 18”, for long range targeting. Each barrel has a heavy barrel profile with a 1/10 twist and will function with both Stag and DPMS configurations.

Bolt Carrier Group


The Stag .308 QPQ Nitride Bolt Carrier Group is designed to work with any rifle, upper half or barrel with right-hand ejection in the .308/7.62x51mm caliber. It’s compatible with DPMS and Stag upper receivers and barrels.

Tension Screw


With tight tolerances in mind, we added a spot for an additional tension screw. This screw will apply pressure directly to the upper receiver for superior fit.

Stag 10 Series

.308 WIN | 6.5 Creedmoor