Safety Selector - Ambidextrous

Safety Selector - Ambidextrous

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The ambidextrous safety selector allows for the proper use of the safety while shooting using either the left or right hand. It will work with any mil-spec lower.


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Robert Gosse 28th May 2020

Easy to install.

Easy to install. Like the ability to thumb off the safety from either side.

Joe L 9th Dec 2017

Excellent addition!

I am right handed but occasionally find myself wishing the safety was available on both sides plus my daughter's husband is left handed. I received three of these ambi safeties this morning and in a matter of a few minutes I had all three ARs converted. Super simple, easy to install and definitely a great improvement. Only thing I had to do on two Mdl 3s and a Mdl 6 was to remove the grip and be careful not to lose the safety detent spring or pin.