For those wanting a rifle with extra testing and also with features for the constant firing of 5.56 ammunition Stag Arms offers the Plus Package. This package includes individual Magnetic Particle (MP) and High Pressure (HP) testing of the bolt and barrel, upgraded barrel steel, and other features listed below. Available only as a complete package.

Stag Arms standard carbines (Model 1, 2, 2T, 3, 8 and their left-handed equivalents) feature:

  • Carpenter 158 shot peened Bolt with black extractor spring
  • Shrouded full circle AR15 bolt carrier with side staked carrier key
  • 5.56 NATO chambered barrel with chrome lining, 1/9 twist, double lead lapped, and parkerized under the front sight base
  • M4 feed ramps
  • F marked front sight base with taper pins
  • Double heatshield handguards
  • Mil-Spec size 7000 series aluminum receiver extension with staked receiver nut (also known as castle nut)
  • One 30rd USGI Magazine*

In addition to our standard features listed above the Plus Package includes:

  • 4150 CMV barrel steel chrome lined
  • 1/7 Twist rifling
  • Individually MP & HP tested and marked Bolt & Barrel
  • M-16 Bolt Carrier
  • Heavy (H) buffer assembly
  • One extra 30rd USGI Magazine (two total)*


Rifle: $100
Upper half: $75.00 (Does not include magazine or heavy buffer)

The plus package cannot be added to rifles or upper halves once they ship from the factory

* All rifles manufactured for states which have an assault weapons bans in effect will ship with 10rd magazines.