PCF 10" RH Handguard Gen 1

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The PCF 10" RH Handguard Gen 1 is engineered to improve shooter stability, help you maintain better control over your AR-15 and make your gun more user friendly. Several design elements do this for you. A smaller central diameter fits smaller and gloved hands. Scalloped features along the length fit your grip. The Right-Handed grooves allow for better finger control so your shooting stance is steadier and can be held longer. Many users choose the thumb over grip. This style is easier to achieve and hold. Barrel nut and screws included.


Length: 10"

Weight: 14.2oz (with Barrel Nut and Screws)

Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum with a Type 3 Hard Coat Anodizing

SKU: SA300199


Q: Is the handguard free floating?

A: The handguard is a free float design and doesn't touch the barrel.

Q: Is a low profile gas block required for this handguard?

A: Yes, a low profile gas block is required for the installation of this handguard since it goes over the gas port area of the barrel.


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Joe Millsaps 11th Sep 2018

Pcf 10

Got this in the mail today. It is a great handguard. Engineered well. Simply design and fantastic ergonomics. I have aero precision handguards and I like this design better. $84 is probably the best value anywhere for these. You don’t here much about these but I’m so glad I gave them a try. Thanks stag arms.