Lower Receiver Parts Kit with Right-Handed Selector

Lower Receiver Parts Kit with Right-Handed Selector

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Our lower receiver parts kit  includes all the parts you need to assemble a lower receiver into a lower half except for the buttstock assembly. We only use top quality parts in our kits. This kit includes a right hand safety selector.


This LPK includes:

  • A2 Pistol Grip
  • Bolt Catch
  • Bolt Catch Plunger
  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • Buffer Retainer
  • Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Disconnector Spring
  • Hammer Spring
  • Lock Washer
  • Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Catch Spring
  • Magazine Release Button
  • Pistol Grip Screw
  • Pivot Pin
  • 2x Pivot/Takedown detents
  • 2x Pivot/Takedown detent springs
  • Safety Detent
  • Safety Detent Spring
  • Semi-auto Disconnector
  • Semi-auto Trigger
  • Semi-auto Hammer w/ J-pin installed
  • Semi-auto safety selector (Right Hand)
  • Takedown pin
  • Trigger Guard (Aluminum)
  • Trigger Guard Roll Pin
  • 2x Trigger/Hammer Pins
  • Trigger Spring

SKU: STAG300531


Q: Do you have instructions or a video on how to install the kit?

A: We strongly recommend having a gunsmith install the lower parts kit to prevent damage during installation. Unfortunately we do not have instructions or a video on how to install the kit.

Q: Does Stag Arms use large pin or small pin?

A: We use the industry standard small pin. The trigger and hammer pins are .154" and the takedown and pivot pins are .250"

Q: Am I able to purchase a select fire parts kit?

A: We manufacture and sell full auto lower parts kits. They are restricted to police, government, dealers with SOT's, and owners of M16's only. For owners of M16's, please call our sales office at 860-229-9994 x1, we will need a copy of your NFA form 1 or form 4.


Reviews (6)

Matt 17th May 2020


My stag LPK was put into my rifle in 2014, the selector was a little tight and took some use to really move freely, however I expected a little bit of a break in period; that's just how tolerances work. Standard grip, nothing to write home about but it doesn't flex and has not broken. Aside from that, 6 years thousands of rounds still strong. Approx 1mm of creep (not soft and squishy but a swift pull to lock up), then a strong crisp break with a consistent duty weight pull, reset is positive and consistent. Even with this milspec pull weight I can hit sub moa and out run my carrier thanks to the tight action and clean break. No change in the consistency over 6 years, I am thoroughly impressed for the price.

Al 6th May 2020

LPK kit

All went in without a problem. Good stuff.