Hogue Pistol Grip

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The Hogue pistol grip increases comfort and stability utilizing non-slip rubber and ergonomic finger grooves.


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Joe L 12th Dec 2017

Very comfortable positive grip

My Mdl 6 came with a Hogue and I really like the positive feel of the rubber grip. On a couple of Mdl 3s I ordered one with a Hogue and the other I converted later. The rubber grip makes the grip comfortable and also when you grip it you really feel you have a positive non-slip grip on the gun. I like the hex bolt that came with the other grip but the slotted bolt that came with my Hugue models should be changed to a hex which I will eventually change myself. Also a cover for the bottom of the grip should be included which is why I only gave this 4 stars. The grip itself is a 5 star.