1. Why is a Warranty Important with a Firearm?

    Stag Arms WarrantyA warranty is a specific type of protection plan that is commonly offered either by a product manufacturer or retailer to cover certain unforeseen circumstances that may arise with the product in question.

    In the case of a firearm, a warranty can be offered either by the company who made the product or by the retailer you bought it from.

    While many people assume that a warranty of any type isn't really important, there are a number of situations where one will most certainly come in handy with regards to your firearm.


    One of the biggest reasons why a warranty is important with a firearm has to do with certain types of damage that may unfortunately occur. Even though many firearms are made using strict quality control standards, there are still situations where one or more parts on the unit may fail through no fault of your own.

    In the event that the aforementioned type of damage

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  2. Relocation Announcement

    November 18th, 2019

    Stag Arms LLC (“Stag” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new President as well as its new location.

    Stag’s Board of Directors today announced that Chad Larsen has been appointed Stag’s President effective immediately.  The Company also announced that it will be relocating to Cheyenne, WY, by the end of the year.  In June, the Company disclosed its decision to move from Stag’s former headquarters in New Britain, CT, and accordingly initiated a national search for a new location. 

    In making today’s announcement, Elie Azar, Founder and CEO of White Wolf Capital, LLC, which owns a controlling interest in Stag Arms, said: “We decided it was time to do a complete refresh of the Company.  We needed to solve for three things: visionary customer-centric leadership, a business-friendly, pro-growth economic environment, and a cultural climate that reflects Stag’s brand image of independence and

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  3. Why Can’t I Have a Firearm Sent to My Home?

    Why-Can't-I-Have-a-New-Firearm-Sent-to-My-HomeMany firearm enthusiasts believe that it's impossible to send firearms through the mail. While this is not completely correct, there are many strict regulations that do pose significant hurdles to shipping firearms. In addition to federal laws targeting illegal firearms trafficking, shippers must also comply with applicable state laws, as well as the rules of the carrier.

    Because dealers and carriers are responsible for complying with the law, they will often refuse to ship firearms in situations that may technically be legal to avoid unintentionally breaking the law.

    Federal Law

    The federal laws related to the shipment of firearms were passed under the Interstate Commerce Clause and generally only deal with shipments that cross state lines. Shipments for a new firearm purchase must either originate from or be sent to a licensed dealer, manufacturer, importer, collector, or government agency. All new individually purchased

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  4. Mark Malkowski awarded the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2014 SHOT Business Person of the Year

    Mark MalkowskiLas Vegas, NV – Mark Malkowski, President of STAG ARMS, has been awarded the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2014 SHOT Business Person of the Year.

    Mr. Malkowski was honored at the Bonnier Outdoor Group’s SHOT Show Breakfast held on January 14th in Las Vegas, NV. The SHOT Business Person of the Year award recognizes the individual who has excelled in promoting the shooting sports industry and presenting a positive image while making great personal sacrifices – both in time and financial resources.

    “I am extremely honored to accept this award,” Malkowski thankfully stated. “I am proud to be such an integral part of the firearms industry – an industry which focuses on safety and responsibility, and one which has continued to thrive even in times of uncertainty.”

    Throughout the past year, Malkowski was valiant in his efforts to protect Second Amendment freedoms for law

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  5. 3 Reasons Why Shooting Glasses are Extremely Important

    3 Reasons Why Shooting Glasses are Extremely ImportantNo matter if you are on the shooting range or out hunting, there are several safety precautions that need to be taken when operating firearms. Wearing protective eyewear is something that, unfortunately, is sometimes overlooked.

    The following information provides three reasons why shooting glasses are extremely important.

    1. Accidents Happen More Often Than People Realize

    It's amazing how many hunters get hit with an errant birdshot or a ricochet. Even excessive powder can blow back and burn your eyes. Eyewear will also protect eyes when spent cartridges are ejected from the firearm. Even the flash of a muzzle can cause damage. Many people wear

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  6. New 40 Rd (5.56/.223 mm) AR-15 Magazine

    40 Rd Magazine

    Stag Arms is now offering a new 40 round 5.56/.223 mm magazine which is compatible with all M-16 and AR-15 rifles.

    It is constructed of stainless steel and like all magazines they offer it has an anti-tilt follower to prevent jams. Like all Stag Arms products, the magazine is manufactured entirely in the United States. The 40 round magazines looks similar to the 30 round magazine except that the top part of the body above the bend is 2.5” longer to accommodate the extra 10 rounds.

    Cartridges load easily into the magazine and it functioned flawlessly when shooting the rifle. There is a minor weight difference compared to the 30rd magazine due to the extra 10 rounds and magazine material but it wasn’t noticeable while shooting. It should be

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  7. How to Store Firearms In Your Home

    How to Store Firearms in Your HomeThere are a variety of ways to store your firearms safely at home, but none of them are completely foolproof. Every situation is unique, and there are a number of considerations to factor into your choice including budget, accessibility of the firearm, and local gun safety laws.

    As always, store ammunition separate from firearms, and ensure that neither are accessible to unauthorized persons.

    If you own a firearm for personal protection, then accessibility and safety is critical when not in use. Eleven states currently have legislation regarding the use of locks or firearm safes. Some types of firearms are required to have locking devices. Check with the state and federal laws regarding your particular types of firearms to see how they impact your choice of storage.


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  8. Stag Arms Product Review: Versa-Carry 28rd .22LR Magazine

    .22lr-stag-arms-magazineStag Arms’ new versa-carry, 28 round, .22LR magazine has numerous features designed to appeal to shooters. Engineering did not take a back seat during the development of this durable and unique accessory which is designed for years of use at the range.

    Manufactured to fit any M-16 or AR-15 rifle that is fitted with a Stag Arms’ .22LR conversion kit, the versa-carry, 28 round capacity, .22LR magazine provides the user with dependable versatility in the operation of their firearm. When it comes time to go for that .22LR conversion, Stag Arms has the accessories to keep your new purchases working effectively.

    Reload the Magazine with Confidence...

    Composed of

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  9. Left or Right? 4 Steps to Test Your Eye Dominance

    Left-Handed Shooter.jpg

    Often, we start out in this sport by shooting the way we see the most popular shooters doing it, or by following how we’re shown in a permit certification and safety course. Most of the time, the ways we learn only focus on shooting with a right-handed firearm.

    Since most modern AR-15 rifles are only available in right hand, we figure that we’re supposed to be shooting that way. But what if you’re not right eye dominant?

    While right-handed people are likely to be right eye dominant, that is not always the case and it is

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  10. The 2014 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits

    NRA-2014The National Rifle Association, better known as the NRA, will be holding its 143rd Annual Meeting and Exhibits at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis from April 25th to April 27th. Stag Arms will be one of over 600 exhibitors covering over 400,000 square feet of exhibit space.

    Between educational seminars and celebrity appearances, there are a number of fun-filled special events for the entire family. Events include the Country Jam IV concert, charity dinner and auction and don't forget the Stand and Fight rally. There is also a National Prayer Breakfast on the final day of the expo to bring all attendees together.

    In addition to manufacturers' products there will also be an Outfitter section, offering exotic hunting opportunities of a lifetime, and jaw-dropping

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