1. What is the Difference Between the STAG-15 and the STAG-16?

    stag arms ar15Stag Arms uses the designation of STAG-15 and STAG-16 as rifle designations instead of AR-15 and M-16 due to them being trademarks of another manufacturer.

    Side by side, the STAG-15 and the STAG-16 look quite similar, to the point that many affirm they are the same rifle with a different name.  

    Nothing can be further from the truth, starting with the fact that the STAG-15, which is targeted mainly at civilian users, is a semi-automatic rifle, while the STAG-16, which is used by police and military, is a select fire rifle which can shoot in a semi-automatic mode, burst

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  2. Stag Arms Now Offers 300 Blackout AR-15 Rifles

    300-blackoutStag Arms is proud to release its 16 inch AR-15 carbine rifles in the popular 300 AAC BLK / 7.62x35mm caliber. The company had researched and tested many different cartridges on the AR-15 platform before making a final decision. Stag Arms president Mark Malkowski stated “In addition to the upper halves we offer in this caliber we are now offering a complete AR-15 rifle using the 300 Blackout cartridges with heavier bullets, great ballistics, and already on the shelves of most major stores. By utilizing the same reliable AR-15 firearm platform customers can still use their standard accessories.”


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  3. A Thanksgiving Message From Stag Arms President, Chad Larsen


    From the entire Stag Arms Family to yours;

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    If your year has been anything like ours, you've been on one wild ride. Here at Stag we've seen unprecedented demand for our products caused by Covid-19, the resulting civil unrest and a presidential election cycle, all while trying to complete the move from our old home in Connecticut to our new home in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

    Since that first chilly Wyoming day in February we've doubled in size and are 

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  4. [Press Release] Stag Arms Tactical Watch Now Available

    Stag Tactical WatchMade to Stag Arms' exacting specifications, we teamed with Reactor Watch to create a watch designed to be durable and rugged enough for tactical situations and good looking enough so it can be worn every day. The watches are $350.00 and are available in our webstore or by calling our sales office at 860-229-9994 x1.


    The watch includes a low profile black band, bezel, and watch face. The numbers on the watch face and the hands include Never-Dark technology, similar to tritium sights which allows them to be seen even in the darkest conditions. The watch is extremely comfortable, but built rugged with a solid forged case, solid screwbars for the band, a screw down crown, and tested to a depth of

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  5. [Press Release] Stag Arms Introduces New 9mm Series of AR-15 Rifles

    Stag-Arms-Model-9TThis series has been discontinued. Our latest 9mm PXC series can be seen here: Stag PXC Series

    After overwhelming requests from our customers and a long time in research and development, our first pistol caliber carbine is officially being released today. The new Model 9 & 9T series of rifles provide the shooter with a compact pistol caliber carbine on a well known platform.

    Compared to the 5.56 cartridge, the 9mm cartridge used in a carbine configuration is the ideal choice for short range & self defense use – up to 200 yards due to decreased muzzle blast, decreased muzzle flash, lower recoil, reduced over-penetration, and a heavier bullet.

    An a

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  6. The 3 Main Rules of Firearm Safety & Why They're Important

    The 3 Main Rules of Firearm Safety and Why They're ImportantThe safety precautions everyone must follow when using a firearm to ensure their own safety and the safety of others are simple. While there are many rules of firearm safety, three are of paramount importance and must be followed at all times.

    When followed, these three rules will prevent negligent discharges. If a negligent discharge does happen, no one will get hurt. These three rules were created by the National Rifle Association.

    1. Always Keep the Muzzle Pointed in a Safe Direction

    This is the first rule of firearm safety. You are responsible for the bullet when it leaves the barrel. It basically has your name on it. The reason it is so critical is because if a firearm discharges and it is pointed in a safe direction, no harm will come to pass.


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  7. [PRESS RELEASE] Stag Arms Sponsors First 2014 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Event

    3GN resized 600

    When it comes to 3-Gun Nation, it’s all about the support from the firearm industry. It’s no secret that 3GN is able to do what it does for professional and amateur-level competition thanks to generous contributions from industry leaders. Once again, Stag Arms has stepped up to the plate and has pledged its support for the 3GN Pro Series and its competitors. 

    On Saturday, March 15th, the world’s best 3-Gun competitors will take center stage at the United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma as they launch full-throttle into the highest level of 3-Gun competition there is, the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series. The 3-Gun Nation Pro Series is a four-match battle royale to see who can take their shot at winning the 3-Gun Nation Championship. 

    What’s at stake in this match? $10,000 in sponsored cash to the top shooters at the event, all sponsored by Stag Arms.

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  8. The History of the AR-15 – America’s Most Popular Rifle Design


    The AR-15 design was originally invented in the years following World War II as a direct response to the evolving needs of infantry soldiers. The Operations Research Office of the Army had determined that they needed a low recoil firearm which would have a decent capacity to fire small projectiles.

    The Winchester Repeating Arms Company, the Springfield Armory, and ArmaLite all developed prototype firearms, with ArmaLite’s offering being the now-famous AR-15 rifle.

    Many Different Rounds Available

    One of the biggest benefits of owning an AR-15 is that the rifle can quite literally grow with you over the years. With a huge array of conversion kits and components available you can customize the rifle in virtually any way you wish. From .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm rounds (the two ‘standard’ ammunition sizes), to 6.8 SPC rounds, or even .22LR; the AR-15 can fire an incredibly wide variety of rounds. Whether you are a hunter, a target marksman, or interested in home protection, you will be able to find a round that fits your needs.

    Full Barrel Customization

    There are many different barrel lengths available with the 16 inch government profile being the most popular. There are 14 inch and shorter barrels but they must have a permanently attached muzzle device to bring the length back up to a legal 16 inch minimum. Maneuverability is the key trade-off when a longer-heavier barrel is chosen. Available in lengths up to 24 inches, longer barrels are generally more accurate but also more cumbersome.

    Right-Handed & Left-Handed Rifles

    While technically Colt Firearms owns the trademark on calling their products “AR 15” rifles, there are a wide variety of manufacturers who produce models colloquially known as AR-15 firearms. However, most of Colt’s products are manufactured for right-handed shooters; this is a real problem for left-handed marksmen and hunters. When left-handed shooters shoot a right hand rifle the empty brass cartridge flies across their face when being ejected from the firearm. These enthusiasts usually look at the models produced by Stag Arms instead, who is known for producing the highest quality left-handed AR-15 rifles.

    left hand ar15

    The Most Popular for a Good Reason

    The AR-15 models have proven to be the most popular for several good reasons:

    • Wide selection of rifle models

    • Easy to customize and convert

    • Variety of different accessories

    • Wide choice of ammunition calibers

    • Good for defense, hunting, plinking, and sport

    With such a long list of advantages, and such wide versatility, the AR-15 is an excellent selection if you are looking to purchase a rifle, whatever your purpose may be.

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  9. The Stag Arms .22 Conversion Kit: Shoot More, Spend Less

    The .22 LR conversion kit for the AR-15 from Stag Arms enhances your shooting enjoyment, knowing that each pull of the trigger is costing you less than a nickel, not forty cents.

    This thoughtfully designed and carefully manufactured conversion kit is easily installed into and removed from any AR-15.

    Giving you a cost savings of about $.35 per cartridge over the standard .223 round, the Stag Arms .22 LR conversion kit pays for itself after a few trips to the range. (White box of 20 Federal .223 rounds for $8.15. Box of 1000 Winchester .22 LR rounds for $48.37. Comparison based upon current Wal-Mart prices.)

    Ease of Installation

    Available in right-handed or left-handed versions, the 22 LR conversion kit slips right into AR-15 rifles:

    1. Push out the rear take down pin 

    2. Slightly pull charging handle back 

    3. Remove the bolt carrier group 

    4. Insert the .22 LR Rifle Conversion Kit. 

    A special .22 LR magazine is required for the AR-15 with the conversion kit. These are able to be purchased directly from Stag Arms in both 10 round and 25 round configurations.

    Other Advantages of a .22 LR Conversion

    A .22 LR conversion has advantages beyond cost savings. The lack of distracting recoil and noise from the smaller cartridge makes it a great way to break in new shooters letting them to focus on trigger control. For more advanced shooters it assists them with learning and perfecting double taps, hammer pairs and zipper drills. The .22 LR can also be used in competition AR-15’s for practice of up to 50 yards without sacrificing accuracy.

    Adjusting for Differences between the .223 and 22 LRs

    Typically, the 36 grain copper jacket .22 LR will strike the target with a two inch group at 50 yards and a few inches lower than a .223 round. A quick adjustment to the AR-15’s standard sight will quickly compensate for the difference.

    To see the Stag Arms .22 LR Conversion Kit being installed and put into action, watch this detailed video:

    Lifetime Warranty

    Our .22 LR Conversion Kit is manufactured by us here in the United States and is covered by a Lifetime War

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  10. What is the Difference Between a Drop-In Handguard and a Free Float Handguard?

    Diamonhead Handguard dropinWhen it comes to firearms, not much is quite as important as ensuring that your gun is a safe, comfortable fit. Due to their design, drop-in handguards are only held in place by pressure from the delta ring assembly and the handguard cap, so they tend to move a bit when installed.

    In contrast, free-floating handguards won’t move at all when installed securely to the barrel nut and don’t touch the barrel at all. We will compare the benefits of each style of handguard below.


    Drop-in handguards are generally less expensive than free-floating handguards bec

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