Mark MalkowskiLas Vegas, NV – Mark Malkowski, President of STAG ARMS, has been awarded the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2014 SHOT Business Person of the Year.

Mr. Malkowski was honored at the Bonnier Outdoor Group’s SHOT Show Breakfast held on January 14th in Las Vegas, NV. The SHOT Business Person of the Year award recognizes the individual who has excelled in promoting the shooting sports industry and presenting a positive image while making great personal sacrifices – both in time and financial resources.

“I am extremely honored to accept this award,” Malkowski thankfully stated. “I am proud to be such an integral part of the firearms industry – an industry which focuses on safety and responsibility, and one which has continued to thrive even in times of uncertainty.”

Throughout the past year, Malkowski was valiant in his efforts to protect Second Amendment freedoms for law

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