American Flag Engraved 5.56/.223 Right-Handed Bolt Carrier Assembly

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The bolt carrier group features an American Flag engraving and is designed to work with any AR-15 rifle, upper half, or barrel designed for right hand ejection in the 5.56/.223 caliber.


Coating: Manganese Phosphate, chrome lined inside bolt area and gas key

Bolt carrier material: 8620 steel

Bolt: 5.56/.223 Right-Handed Bolt assembly

Included parts: Bolt carrier, bolt assembly, cam pin, firing pin, and firing pin retaining pin

Design: M16 carrier with a shrouded firing pin

Staking: Proper mil-spec staking of the gas key

SKU: STAG530001


Q: Will this bolt carrier work with other company's rifles and upper halves?

A: This bolt carrier assembly will work with other companies 5.56 rifles and upper halves.

Q: Can I use this bolt carrier with the Stag Arms piston system?

A: This bolt carrier assembly will not work with piston systems.


Reviews (4)

Ethan 23rd Nov 2017


Beautiful! A work of art ands a great decoration peace you'll need be tired of showing off just wish that a matching dust cover was optional. Great fit great price.

Todd O'Dell 6th Oct 2017


Great bcg and looks freaking awesome when dust cover opens. Ready to to show my pride since I am a Lifetime Member of the the NRA.