A2 Buttstock Kit

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The A2 buttstock kit includes everything you need to attach an A2 buttstock to your rifle.



  • A2 buffer assembly
  • A2 buttstock with trap door storage
  • A2 extension receiver
  • A2 stock screw
  • A2 action spring
  • Buttcap spacer

SKU: SA250011


Does Stag Arms offer installation instructions?

We recommend this item be installed by a gunsmith to prevent any damage to the rifle.


Reviews (2)

Byron G. Cutshaw 4th Aug 2017

A2 Butt

There's something awesome about a Vietnam era looking AR-15. Sometimes ya bust gotta go back to basics...

Peter 1st Aug 2017

Not flawless, but awesome kit

So the only real flaw I noticed on this stock kit was the threads on my buffer tube were slightly buggered up. Not enough to prevent a build, just a little surprising. Put it together last night and it looks and feels awesome. I'm definitely pleased and would not hesitate to buy again.