40 Rd (5.56/.223) Magazine

40 Rd (5.56/.223) Magazine

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Our 5.56/.223 magazines will fit any AR-15 or M16 rifle with an upper half chambered in the 5.56 mm or .223 caliber.

Availability subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations. We currently do not ship this product to CA, CO, DC, CT, HI, IL, VT, MD, MA, NJ, or NY.


Material: Stainless Steel

Follower: Anti-tilt

Finish: Black

SKU: STAG300671


Q: Can I use any other caliber of ammunition in this magazine?

A: Using ammunition other than what is specified may cause malfunctions and feeding problems.


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Michael Eugene Thornton 30th Aug 2017

They seem to be working

Ten more bangs between reloading the rifle or AR pistol cannot let that paper target a chance to shoot back! Get that paper before it gets you...